Wednesday, March 25, 2009

When to take foot out of mouth

Well tonight there is one pissed off professor in WA I asked for help on how to structure sentances which is what I was told this unit would teach me and I feel like I've been blasted for asking..
He informed me he wasn't an english teacher I wasn't a Hemingway nor was I a Clancy of the overflow, I don't particuley like Hemingway nor can I ride a horse let alone write like a thumb nail dipped in tar..
I have already several times told open uni that I just need help to construct sentences.
I'll finish this unit do the next one which is a repeat of the first one and after that I'm out of there..
Right now I feel lower than dirt, I know dumb of me to try.


  1. Piss on 'em. That's it... just piss on 'em. If that's what taking the unit was supposed to be teaching you, I would be contacting the office and asking them what in the hell his problem is!!!

    Why feel low? Why care what an obviously constipated, anal retentive mama's boy has to say anyway? He probably got where he is today, by walking over hundreds of "little people"... so why ackowledge him in the first place - let alone care what he thinks?

    I love you!

  2. Thanks Katie
    Thing is he is the one that marks my paper..
    Great to see you today hope the brothes worked for you