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Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Am I allowed to swear here.
A certain person in BHS got up a few noses last night at the carers meeting.
I went armed with my faithful clip board and written questions a copy of which I gave to him.
I and the others would love to be a fly on the wall when he submits his report of last night.
Yes things have improved over the last 5 yrs but we all agree there is a long way to go.
Our concern is the welfare of those we love, we don't do all this for the fun of it and if we get help then that flows onto them too.
Nearly all of those at the meeting said they had feelings of frastrution with the service and the lack of help we get.

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  1. Frustration? Honey, I've been living with it since I started this bloody job and it sucks, doesn't it!!! Grrrrrrrr...
    Breathe deeply.... breathe deeply...

    Btw, I love the clocks, but which is which?
    One is us, I figured that out, (see,I AM more than just a pretty face!) bit what are the others.