Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Peace - Black Hawk


Channeled through
The message for tonight is peace, there has been much spoken on this subject over the last few months and years.

Peace is a very fragile creature its beauty is in essence a delicate thing though when we speak of peace we associate it with a dove a beautiful white dove.

But the essence of peace is harmony and understanding, but without these sort of things it is not possible to have peace.

Your world is balancing, slowly balancing and in time peace will be attained.

There are more and more prayers and healing sent to your world and that is good but, not only does your world need the spiritual healing it is also in need of physical healing.

Your captains and kings of industry have polluted the world, your universe, your mountains; your trees are choking on this pollution.

They are getting better (some of them) but while there are millions to be made and it costs millions to repair the damage already done there will always those who shirk their responsibilities.

I have been asked what about the knowledge these people have? It is unfortunate that the knowledge these people have has been misused and abused for they have been given to them for they see knowledge as power and power is something you can hold over a person to make them do what they not necessarily want to do


  1. So true!

    You didn't tell me that you were channeling again! Or did you?


  2. I'm not it's an old message. I never found anyone that had time to be my control after E or that if they had the time knew what they were doing.
    I have a few bits of Auto writting though.