Monday, March 9, 2009

Perhaps I should post messages here

I've just finished a day of study and I'm as confused maybe even more so than ever.
I'm thinking of posting some old messages from spirit here. I haven't witten any for some time mainly because there has been a call to do so.
This one jumped out at me so here goes...

The message that I bring is one of peace.
Sometimes this peace can be attained through solitude, not necessarily the solitude of being by oneself, but the solitude of being in one’s self.
Of being able to attain that state of silence of mind, where your daily worries and cares are placed elsewhere and you are totally at peace within yourself.
A peace, serenity and tranquillity of spirit of your soul, a time when you’re physical shell is stilled. When you can obtain this state then truly can you say you are at peace.
It is a simple state to obtain, but so few are able to achieve it. It is gained, as you are aware through meditation and through various other states like yoga, tai chi.
It is as simple as stepping into a bath and resting in the still waters with your eyes closed, you have no need for music and the more you practice this state the easier it becomes.
Like many our gifts we send you this peace with love and wisdom to share with those whom you touch and to send it on to others who maybe of a need of this peace.
Be at one with it and enjoy it my friends, luxuriate in it.


  1. Well duh... I just needed to read a bit further!

    Beautiful thoughts, beautiful gifts... my beautiful friend!

  2. I had/have a wonderful friend who helped me with this gift.
    You opened a whole new world for me thanks...