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Friday, March 27, 2009

My poor speckled fridge

My fidge (for those who don't know) is about to turn 40 and is still working extremely well except for a few parts. The door can't be replace due to them not making parts any more.
This fridge has done several house moves including an interstate one something that usually kills fridges.
I love my fridge.

Edu allowance

Got my $950 yesterday so I'm going to have fun with a bit of it after I pay a few bills.
Merlin and Minney are going to get a fur cut from Ann.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

When to take foot out of mouth

Well tonight there is one pissed off professor in WA I asked for help on how to structure sentances which is what I was told this unit would teach me and I feel like I've been blasted for asking..
He informed me he wasn't an english teacher I wasn't a Hemingway nor was I a Clancy of the overflow, I don't particuley like Hemingway nor can I ride a horse let alone write like a thumb nail dipped in tar..
I have already several times told open uni that I just need help to construct sentences.
I'll finish this unit do the next one which is a repeat of the first one and after that I'm out of there..
Right now I feel lower than dirt, I know dumb of me to try.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Am I allowed to swear here.
A certain person in BHS got up a few noses last night at the carers meeting.
I went armed with my faithful clip board and written questions a copy of which I gave to him.
I and the others would love to be a fly on the wall when he submits his report of last night.
Yes things have improved over the last 5 yrs but we all agree there is a long way to go.
Our concern is the welfare of those we love, we don't do all this for the fun of it and if we get help then that flows onto them too.
Nearly all of those at the meeting said they had feelings of frastrution with the service and the lack of help we get.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Ides of March

The local group that my daughter C goes to sent her a card that she got today.
I am so glad I found the group for her because they are a great help pity there wasn't one up where R is though.
Feeling a bit rough around the edges today.
Might go find some grass tomorrow.

Old message just found

I found this yesterday while looking for something else didn't find the other thing.
Greetings my friends.
Today's topic is tolerence.
How far have humans traveled since they first walked the Earth?
The answer is not far enough, as in the times you call the dark ages a time when those who walked in fear, hurt the ones they were afraid ofinstead of looking and trying to understand them, they perscuted them. Even today this happens, it happens in our daily lives, things and people we don't understand we fear and we hurt them. This is not the way of love freinds, this is fear and fear is not healthy to us.
Step out of the fear and grow strong and tall. Perceptions can hurt not only others but self also. You are a small drop in the oceans of life, divided you will never grow past a drop of water, together you will becaome an ocean.
Listen and learn friends as the learning comes in many forms, as do people come into your paths, you may not understand at the time but that is a part of your growth.
Love friends and learn.
The Spirit of the Little sister of the Four Winds.
Ishi Nah Wah Tobe
Peace in your Heart.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Peace - Black Hawk


Channeled through
The message for tonight is peace, there has been much spoken on this subject over the last few months and years.

Peace is a very fragile creature its beauty is in essence a delicate thing though when we speak of peace we associate it with a dove a beautiful white dove.

But the essence of peace is harmony and understanding, but without these sort of things it is not possible to have peace.

Your world is balancing, slowly balancing and in time peace will be attained.

There are more and more prayers and healing sent to your world and that is good but, not only does your world need the spiritual healing it is also in need of physical healing.

Your captains and kings of industry have polluted the world, your universe, your mountains; your trees are choking on this pollution.

They are getting better (some of them) but while there are millions to be made and it costs millions to repair the damage already done there will always those who shirk their responsibilities.

I have been asked what about the knowledge these people have? It is unfortunate that the knowledge these people have has been misused and abused for they have been given to them for they see knowledge as power and power is something you can hold over a person to make them do what they not necessarily want to do

Got results finally/rain

Got the results for the second essay with HST110 today and I recieved a P and I am so happy about it.
I'm not sure if I passed the reast of the unit but at least I got one pass in.
So onward to SSK12 which is about essay writing and formuli.
To top off a lovely day we had thunder and rain it bucketed down here straight down no wind so the veggies will be really happy tonight they got a lovely drink.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Perhaps I should post messages here

I've just finished a day of study and I'm as confused maybe even more so than ever.
I'm thinking of posting some old messages from spirit here. I haven't witten any for some time mainly because there has been a call to do so.
This one jumped out at me so here goes...

The message that I bring is one of peace.
Sometimes this peace can be attained through solitude, not necessarily the solitude of being by oneself, but the solitude of being in one’s self.
Of being able to attain that state of silence of mind, where your daily worries and cares are placed elsewhere and you are totally at peace within yourself.
A peace, serenity and tranquillity of spirit of your soul, a time when you’re physical shell is stilled. When you can obtain this state then truly can you say you are at peace.
It is a simple state to obtain, but so few are able to achieve it. It is gained, as you are aware through meditation and through various other states like yoga, tai chi.
It is as simple as stepping into a bath and resting in the still waters with your eyes closed, you have no need for music and the more you practice this state the easier it becomes.
Like many our gifts we send you this peace with love and wisdom to share with those whom you touch and to send it on to others who maybe of a need of this peace.
Be at one with it and enjoy it my friends, luxuriate in it.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New study period

Started the new study period yesterday downloaded and printed like crazy.
We had lovely rain last night and some today so I didn't have to water at all thankfully (yes I am using shower or bath water or water I use for cooking).
My veggie patch is looking great right now, the next bed well be at the side of the house (under the lilacs), I'm not sure what I'm placing there but I will have to use some more horse poo.
Good news about the fires there was one near here but they put it out fast.
Also good news the other day I got a small cheque at last from psychic services but have to wait till tomorrow for it to be cash @^%&**^% .