Monday, March 16, 2009

Old message just found

I found this yesterday while looking for something else didn't find the other thing.
Greetings my friends.
Today's topic is tolerence.
How far have humans traveled since they first walked the Earth?
The answer is not far enough, as in the times you call the dark ages a time when those who walked in fear, hurt the ones they were afraid ofinstead of looking and trying to understand them, they perscuted them. Even today this happens, it happens in our daily lives, things and people we don't understand we fear and we hurt them. This is not the way of love freinds, this is fear and fear is not healthy to us.
Step out of the fear and grow strong and tall. Perceptions can hurt not only others but self also. You are a small drop in the oceans of life, divided you will never grow past a drop of water, together you will becaome an ocean.
Listen and learn friends as the learning comes in many forms, as do people come into your paths, you may not understand at the time but that is a part of your growth.
Love friends and learn.
The Spirit of the Little sister of the Four Winds.
Ishi Nah Wah Tobe
Peace in your Heart.

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  1. Wise words, indeed.

    So what was it that you were looking for?

    Sorry I didn't get back to you the other day, but I've been in recluse mode with these darn toofs and didn't see the phone message until last night. I'll try and call you later today.