Thursday, February 26, 2009

Exam done and so was last night

6:39 am and yes still up so I did an all nighter to get the exam done. I've been so sick all week with exam stress after I left your place Katie I got home and spent the next 60 hours on and off the bloody loo...
I am so over the exam and the loo ...
Hey Katie the sun is coming up...


  1. Why do I want to give you a call at 7:30 am??? LMAO! Good Mooooooooorning !!

    See, you're like the cats when I'm sick. When they sit on me and baby me (not that you do either) they always end up visiting the kitty box over and over, to get those old toxins out of their system.
    Hey... can I talk shit, or what??

    Fingers are crossed for the exams !!!

  2. Someone beat you to it I got a call at 9am.
    I'm acually missing the study (I know wierd)but next study starts Wednesday.
    Glad to hear you are having a nice weekend off.