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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

computer saga

Well I have my computer back and fixed.
after all the crap the other guy said all that was busted was the CPU fan, Simons' new techie put one in turned it on and wham bam thank you mam it's fixed ready to hook up.
The first guy told me I lost all my files, it was a boat anchor I needed a new pc etc.
Second guy said I may need a new sound card later.
From what I saw at second techies' home I may have lost a few desktop icons.


  1. LOL... I wake up at 3:45am and you went idle at 3:15!...
    Glad you've got 'er up and running again though and it must have been a bugger!
    Question: When your pc was down, what time were you actually going to bed???

  2. about the same time I was catching up on study reading material..